Rosewood Hotel & Residences At The Raleigh

The Raleigh Miami Beach A New Era of Luxury

The Raleigh Miami Beach, a storied icon of art deco splendor, is reborn, ushering in a new chapter of exclusivity with the introduction of the Rosewood Residences. This transformation marks a significant evolution from a historic hotel to a modern haven of luxury living. The Raleigh now offers residents an unparalleled experience, blending the timeless charm of its architectural heritage with the bespoke elegance and sophisticated services of Rosewood. These residences provide an intimate sanctuary in the heart of Miami Beach, where the allure of a bygone era converges with contemporary luxury. Residents at The Raleigh are not just acquiring a home; they're becoming part of a legendary narrative, enjoying a lifestyle that epitomizes elegance and offers a unique sense of belonging in one of the most coveted locations in Miami Beach.

rosewood residences at the raleigh

Luxury Living Redefined Oceanfront Opulence

Living by the Sea Unparalleled Luxury Along Miami's Shoreline

The Raleigh Hotel, The Beach Club, and The Rosewood Residences harmoniously spread across a 3-acre estate along 220 linear feet of pristine oceanfront. The Raleigh Hotel is proudly centered around its historic pool and elegant cabanas, a nod to its storied past. Adjacent lies The Beach Club, offering a contemporary twist on relaxation with its own pool and luxurious cabanas. To the south, The Rosewood Residences offer a more permanent slice of paradise with exclusive amenities and private pools for residents, embodying the pinnacle of luxury living. This trio of refined spaces promises an unmatched lifestyle experience against the backdrop of Miami Beach's spectacular seaside.

Visionaries at Work Shvo & Marino's Reinvention of
The Raleigh

Timeless Elegance Contemporary Grandeur in Miami Beach

The transformation of The Raleigh into a landmark of luxury is a testament to the collaborative genius of Michael Shvo and Peter Marino. Shvo brings a sharp eye for luxury and influential real estate development, infusing the project with a sense of modern grandeur. His commitment to preserving the essence of the original design while elevating it to new heights is seamlessly complemented by Marino's architectural artistry. Marino skillfully weaves the elements of sand, sea, and sky into every aspect of The Raleigh, from the detailed wall murals to the striking 17-story glass tower. His approach not only respects the historical value but also introduces a contemporary vision, making every space within The Raleigh and the Rosewood Residences a harmonious blend of the past and the future.

Together, Shvo and Marino's efforts redefine luxury, transforming The Raleigh into a beacon of sophistication. This synergy of elegance and innovation sets a new benchmark for luxury living in Miami Beach, creating an unparalleled experience in one of the world's most vibrant and luxurious destinations.

"It’s not as if we were trying to make something 10% better. We are trying to set a bar miles higher than anything else, so if someone asks, ‘what’s the best Miami has to offer? You will say: The Raleigh.

- Peter Marino

"We’re very much focused on elevating super-prime real estate. In the world of preservationists, I’m a purist. If we are going to do all of this work, we’re going to go into the original design. If you’re going to do something, you have to do it right or not do it at all."

-Michael Shvo

Celebrities, Fashion, & Iconic Architecture The Raleigh's Illustrious History

Decades of Style A Legacy of
Glamour & Elegance

The Raleigh epitomizes the glamour and sophistication of Miami Beach's golden era. Since its inception in the 1940s, the hotel has been a beacon of style, attracting the elite and becoming a symbol of luxury. Its iconic pool, designed by renowned architect L. Murray Dixon, has played host to some of the most glamorous events in the city's history. This includes the iconic Karl Lagerfeld's 2009 Chanel Cruise Show, which underscored The Raleigh's significant stature in the fashion world.

The hotel has also welcomed illustrious figures such as Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra, who were enchanted by its elegance and charm. The Raleigh's Martini Bar, oozing with classic ambiance, has been the backdrop for innumerable tales of the rich and famous. This illustrious history weaves together the threads of celebrity, fashion, and architectural beauty, contributing to The Raleigh's mystique and allure as not just a residence, but a living piece of Miami's cultural tapestry.

martini bar

The Pinnacle of Privacy Members-Only
Beach Club

Poolside & Beachside Cabanas Private Paradise

At Rosewood Residences, the Members-Only Beach Club epitomizes the ultimate in exclusivity and private luxury. This elite enclave is much more than a retreat for relaxation; it's a sanctuary designed specifically for discerning individuals who value privacy and refined social engagement. The Beach Club is distinguished by its luxurious pool and a selection of elegantly appointed cabanas, both poolside and on the beach, offering residents an unrivaled setting of privacy and comfort. These cabanas, an embodiment of luxury, enhance both intimate social gatherings and serene moments of solitude, providing a luxurious and private atmosphere that is integral to the exclusive lifestyle at Rosewood Residences.

beach club cabanas

Gourmet Dining Reimagined Langosteria
at The Raleigh

A Culinary Renaissance Langosteria's
U.S. Debut

The debut of Langosteria at The Raleigh heralds a new era of culinary distinction for the Rosewood Residences. As the first U.S. outpost of this acclaimed dining establishment, Langosteria introduces an extraordinary fusion of Italy’s finest seafood traditions with the elegance of a Parisian brasserie. This celebrated venue offers priority seating and access to Rosewood residents, ensuring an exclusive dining experience that embodies the luxury and exclusivity of Miami Beach. With its menu that artfully combines Italian culinary artistry and Parisian flair, Langosteria is more than a restaurant; it’s a cornerstone of the Rosewood lifestyle. The experience of dining at Langosteria transcends the ordinary, offering an immersion in unparalleled elegance and sophistication, a testament to the spirit of the Italian Riviera, reimagined on the shores of Miami Beach.

langosteria table setting

Sunrise to Sunset Serene Pools & Cabanas

Dawn to Dusk Relaxation Rosewood's
Poolside Retreat

Rosewood Residences caters to the tranquility and relaxation needs of its residents with the exquisite Sunrise and Sunset Pools. Each pool area, accompanied by private cabanas, offers a distinct ambiance that harmonizes with the time of day. The Sunrise Pool welcomes the morning with a peaceful setting for a fresh start, while the Sunset Pool provides a serene atmosphere to unwind as the day ends. Additionally, the exclusive residence cabanas on the beach offer a seamless blend of luxury and the natural beauty of the oceanfront, creating an unparalleled experience of relaxation and privacy.

sunrise pool

An Oasis of Rejuvenation Rosewood's Spa Hammam & Sense Spa

Rosewood's Premier Spas Sanctuaries of Wellness

At the heart of Rosewood Residences lies the Spa Hammam and the Sense Spa, sanctuaries designed for ultimate rejuvenation. These spas offer an array of treatments that blend traditional techniques with modern luxury, providing a tranquil retreat for the body and mind. The Spa Hammam, with its roots in age-old rituals, offers a unique experience of relaxation and cleansing, while the Sense Spa provides bespoke treatments tailored to individual wellness needs. Together, these spas form an integral part of the Rosewood experience, embodying the essence of relaxation and luxury for its residents.

sense spa

Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates Your Gateway to Rosewood Residences at The Raleigh

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